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Eduessaywritingservice.Com has taken all the necessary actions as well as developed the policies and guarantees for the highest quality of orders` completion. Revision policy is among the main ones. It is necessary to keep in mind that every task and every assignment is specific. So, we are always ready to make all the needed adjustments turning your academic paper into the one, which precisely meets your and your professor`s expectations. We are always glad to help you, but there should still be certain conditions concerning the revisions` performance. The team of our employees as well as our clients accept and follow the next statements of the revision policy. The clear conditions aid in avoiding any misunderstandings and inconveniences, as you know what are your responsibilities and rights in practically all possible cases concerning performance of revisions.

Basic Points of Revision Policy

  • Revisions can be requested for free as many times as you need, until 10 days from the order first delivery expires.
  • To get the paper corrected, a client needs to provide us with the comments for revision and set a certain time frame for meeting the request. In case of any questions or doubts concerning the revision directions, one can contact support team 24/7/365 via e-mail, phone, live-chat or messages on their personal page on our website.
  • The free revision request is possible if the revision directions do not differ greatly from the initially provided instructions. In case a client needs to add some instructions or change the initial ones, revision will be allowed only in case of extra payment.
  • It is up to customer to set the time limits for the completed revision delivery. However, the minimum deadline for making corrections is 4 hours. An exception can be made for the orders with deadlines under 12 hours, as in such cases we can revise paper within 2-3 hours.

Paid Revision Conditions

  • In some cases revisions cannot be completed for free, as the writer is required to do some extra work that needs to be paid for; or much time passed. To be exact:
  • If 10 days after the order delivery have already passed, unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you a free revision. Nevertheless, we will be glad to revise your paper at an extra cost.
  • If a client adds some new directions within the revision request or asks the writer to follow the requirements, which contradict the initial order details, the extra work needs to be covered by an appropriate extra payment.
  • The regular price for a paid revision is 70% from the order total. This amount may be modified based on the client`s specific instructions for revision (in case of short revision deadline, the need of extra pages etc.)

Assignment of a New Writer

  • If the writer cannot understand what a customer requires, we will definitely find a new one.
  • A customer needs to provide valid and reasonable arguments on why a new writer is needed for the order.
  • There should be at least 3 revisions performed by the previous writer for the new assistant to be requested. This is to give the writer chance to fix their mistakes in case of any minor misunderstandings.

Revision and Money Back Policies

  • These two policies are closely connected. Learn how:
  • One cannot request their money back due to the quality complaints if no revisions have been made for the order.
  • Lateness with revision is not a valid condition for a refund request.
  • The number of revisions required for a money back to be issued is the following: there should be at least 1 revision for the orders with deadline under 24 hours; if the order deadline is longer - the paper needs to be revised at least twice.
  • No revisions are possible after a dispute has been started.
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