Money Back Guarantee


Far not every custom writing company offers the money back guarantee for its customers. However, we take care about customers feeling comfortable and confident while ordering. The money back guarantee helps us to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the service performed.

There are different cases, when the customer has a possibility to start a dispute and ask for money back for his order. From our side we are doing everything possible to prevent such situations and find the best solutions for the both sides. The company`s statistics shows, that 96.4% of customers are satisfied with the result and a big number comes back with more orders. However, co-operation with some people is quite tough. People are different and it is practically impossible to get 100% customers` satisfaction rate.

In case a customer has started a dispute concerning his order, the Dispute Department takes from 7 to 10 business days to review each case in details. Nevertheless, we also need the customer to get involved into the process, since in some situations we need the customer to respond and clarify some specific points. In case you take care about the prompt responses, the dispute will be closed the soonest. You have a possibility of a dispute request with the money back opportunity only within 10 days from the moment your order was delivered for the first time. In case your order exceeds 30 pages, we can allow you 20 days for the dispute request.

The dispute requests are possible only in case you have given your writer a chance to fix your order (requested a revision) at least once for urgent orders (with deadlines up to 48 hours) and at least 2 revisions are to be performed for long deadline orders (with deadlines started from 3 days and up to 14 days). In case there were no revision requests for the order, the dispute case won`t be reviewed.

Here are the specific cases when you may need your money paid back:

“The Payment Has Gone through Twice”

It may happen, that you pay twice for the same order by mistake. There is nothing to worry about, simply contact us within the next 1 hour after placing your order and the second payment or the second similar order will be 100% refunded.

“My Order Hasn`t Got a Writer”

We have a writer`s team with more than 700 experts in various scientific fields, so we are practically always ready to help. However, sometimes orders are simply impossible to be completed due to the high level of complexity or conditions given (time limits etc.) If we were not able to find the writer for your assignment, we will inform you and 100% refund for your order will be issued. Furthermore, we will compensate the inconveniences with the good discount for the future orders.

“The Completed Paper Has Been Delivered after the Deadline Has Passed”

The customers are responsible for providing of all the necessary materials for the order completion, so we will be able to meet the demands fully and in time. In case the writer feels the lack of information and there is a need of clarification, we can request one, and the order deadline will be extended for the time we have been waiting for your response. Such case is not suitable for the refund for lateness with your order. In case there were no delays due to clarification requests, the price for your order will be recalculated and the difference refunded. For example, if you have requested 8 hours delivery, but you have got your order done after 10 hours, we will calculate the price for 12 hours deadline for your order, which will be lower, and the difference will be paid back. Our company takes a right that an order can be delivered no later than 20 minutes after the order final deadline. For the orders with deadlines 7 days and 14 days, no more than 10% can be refunded. In some cases we ask customers to allow some extra time for the order completion due to complexity or extra factors. If the customer agrees with the following request, the refund for lateness is not applicable.

“The Writer Was Late with the Revision”

For you to know, the refunds for lateness are not possible for revisions. In case we are late for more than 30 minutes, you can start a dispute, but no more revisions will be allowed. The Dispute Department manager will review your case and provide you with answer within 7-10 business days, bur no more than 15% of payment can be reversed.

“I Do Not Like the Quality of the Order Delivered”

In this case you need to start a dispute, but only after 1 or 2 revisions were performed. You should have strong and valid arguments for your being non-satisfied. The amount possible to be paid back is up to the manager`s decision based on your situation.

“I Need to Cancel the Order”

In case you have come with the cancellation request and the writer was not assigned to your order, you can get 100% refund. If the writer has accepted the order and started working on it, you can get no more than 70% back. If you decide to cancel your order before half of the deadline passed, you are eligible for maximum of 50% refund. Finally, if you have requested the order to be canceled and more than half of your deadline has passed, you may get no more than 30% money back. However, if you want to cancel the order, but was already completed and delivered to you, even if before the deadline, we won`t be able to issue any refund for it.

“I Got My Order Done, but I Want my Money Back”

You have 10 days from the order first delivery to request a dispute department review. Get the strong and supported arguments ready to prove your point.

“I`ve Got High Similarity in My Order as It Was Plagiarized”

No paper is being sent to customers without going through the plagiarism check. Our IT department was asked to develop a plagiarism checking system, which perfectly suits the company`s needs. However, the 100% true result can be received from Turnitin system only, since it has the database of offline submitted papers. In case you claim, that there is plagiarism in your paper, you should send us either the turnitin report, or the official report from your professor, and no other reports can be accepted. WARNING! If you have checked your paper through turnitin at least once, it gets saved to turnitin database, so if you check the same paper for the second time, the similarity percentage will be high.

“I Do Not Need the Extra Features, So I Need a Refund for Them”

In case you have purchased some extra features such as a specific writer`s category, a summary page, the editors` services, turnitin report etc., unfortunately, we won`t be able to refund the money paid for these options. The only exception is when the writer has not been assigned yet and you need to switch the top-writer with the regular one, as in this case we will refund the difference.

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